Updated firmware for HondaVert S300
-Apped support of Ostrich 2.0 protocol. Now the S300 can work in CROME mode with programs such as HTS, BMTune, eCTune, TurboEdit, TunerProRT, Nistune and many others that are compatible with Ostrich 2.0 protocol.

-Added support for SMANAGER 2.7.5. Removed all the locks and Hondata’s dirty tricks. Now Hondavert S300 can work with the latest version of SManager. All S300 boards from tomorrow will be sold with new firmware. For HondaVert S300 version 1.4 and 1.5, an update will be prepared soon. Older versions of HondaVert S300 more not supported.

COMING SOON: Bluetooth module for support Mobile Applications, wireless datalogging and programming

P.S. Thanks to JTLab for the fee S300 v2 and Vitat for the knowledge provided;)