We are proud to presents KManager 4.4.4 and SManager 2.7.5 in two revisions.
INSTALL: Installed in a separate directory. You can have two versions of the program on one computer (Standard and Hondavert Edition).
PORTABLE: Does not requires installation. Runs from any folder or USB stick. Just unzip and run.
Why is all this done? Read below.

Everyone knows that the latest versions of SManager and KManager programs requires Internet connection, as soon as the connection disappears at any time, you can get the error “update server is not available” and the program will not work. We have weaned these versions of programs from bad habits. These versions will work anywhere, any year at any time of the day. These are our new base versions for HondaVert S300 v1.6 and HondaVert KPro v1.6 And yes – you can easily have an Internet connection, there are no restrictions on this.

SManager 2.7.5 Hondavert Edition / KManager 4.4.4 Hondavert Edition
-Do not required Internet activation after installation.
-Do not required internet connection (working in any place without internet)
-Do not have date limit (will works many years in future)
-100% Tested and compatible with Hondavert v1.6

Go to Download tab and got it!